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who we are

Urban Cargo Networks is a locally incorporated logistics, courier and distribution company with operations in Kenya. We have embraced an elaborate value-based service delivery system that is centered on:

  • Confidentiality
  • Efficiency
  • Responsiveness

– in the provision of logistics, courier and distribution services countrywide.

Our routing and planning strategies have guided both the operational module and quality assurance measures put in place whenever we carry out any distribution. This ensures consistency and further enhances our procedural guidelines.

Some of Our Staff in Action

Our Staff

Word from the management

The Management

Word from the General Manager

Our General Manager

At Urban Cargo Networks, we have embraced an elaborate value based service delivery system that is centered on confidentiality, efficiency and responsiveness in the provision of logistics, courier and distribution services countrywide.

We work closely with these people

Our Partners

Our Bankers

Bank of Africa, ABC Bank, Family Bank and First Community Bank.

Our Insurers

We are privilidged to work with all the major insurance companies in the country.

Our Auditors

Kanyonyo Auditors

Our Lawyers

Our legal team from Wangari Njuguna Advocates are ready to sort out any matters necessary.

Our fleet comprises of the following vehicles

Our Capacity


Hauling trucks with a maximum loading capacity of 7 tonnes to 9 tonnes are available at any time to handle medium size to large cargo.

Tour Vans

Our fleet comprises of 4X4 vehicles ready to handle any kind of terrain and tough climatic conditions.

Cargo Vans

We have Vans ready to collect parcels from your premises and also deliver. They ensure that cargo is handled with care and that no damage occurs.

Saloon Cars

For the small to medium size cargo and parcels requiring ultimate care for example confidential mails, our sedan cars are ready to offer this service.

This is how we work

Our work model

  • All our trucks have monitoring devices either the GPS or drivers smart phones.
  • Urban Cargo Networks provides a 24hr call centre to clients for liaison with teams in the field.
  • A field supervisor / manager is always on standby.
  • Urban Cargo Networks provides day to day field reports to the clients either through email or phone.
  • Urban Cargo Networks alerts the clients immediately in case of any challenges faced in the field within 24hrs.
  • Urban Cargo Networks assigns an account manager to each client to hold regular meetings with the team.
  • The account manager also ensures regular communication between a client and Urban Cargo Networks.

Enhanced security:-

We enhance security by steel padlocks,  seals and regular monitoring of the vehicles during transit.

Insurance Cover:-

All cargo handled by us is covered by our carriers under UAP insurance.

Experienced Drivers:-

It’s mandatory for all our drivers to be well trained and have the following accreditations:

  • Valid Driving License
  • NTSA Approved
  • Certificate of Good Conduct

Urban Cargo Networks gives each client a stamped invoice upon completion of distribution with necessary supportive documents.

We ensure that all delivery notes are stamped and signed by the receiving officer at the delivery site.

Urban Cargo Networks Proof of Delivery (POD) consists of:-

  • Vehicle registration.
  •  Staff name and ID.
  • Number of pieces delivered and received.
  • Date and time of delivery.
  • Name and signature of receiving officer.
  • Vehicle gate pass.
Some of our satisfied customers

People we worked with